May 30, 2010

Worship Leading

I know a worship Leader who will not talk to his parents even though they attend the same church because of a family disagreement. The same worship leader invites bloody, graphic, violent, inappropriate video games and comics into his house for his teenagers so that they will not be "out of the loop" with their friends who do the same things.

This is an individual leading others in worship to God every sunday because of his musical abilities.

Is it any wonder why many Christians today don't know the difference between a worship "set" and a life of worship?

Sure, many people are hip and up on the latest post modern readings about community and worship, and "real church", but they really only follow the lingo. Romans 12:2 says not to follow the patterns of the world. It says to renew the mind and prove that what God has said is good is really good. If we are worried about our children not fitting in if we don't allow crap into their lives, then our Sunday morning worship is fruitless. If even the biggest fight in our families is too great for us to recompense and talk to each other for Christ's sake within the Body, then our hearts don't really belong to Him. God said he desires penitent hearts and broken spirits. He said he hates the lip service of people whose hearts are far from him as they recite religion that is simply the invention of man.

We are in danger of handing a faith of gobbelty-gook down to our children because we are too in love with our positions, titles, feeling energized, and being the best. We need spiritual leaders who know the difference between being persecuted for righteousness sake and being persecuted for poor stewardship and irreverence. Many churches are sick with immature believers who shop for churches that make them feel good and entertain them. Worship leader job posting look for men who can play well, lead a team, work with media software and entertain, but very few (if any) ever read, "looking for a man who knows the Word of God, is passionate about it, can faithfully teach it, discern when it is threatened, and lead God's people to respond to it appropriately with their lives."

When and where did the Church turn down this road called self-gratification and place man-centered talent and performance over honoring God? There are many people who see it, but most leaders have compromised the biblical directive of accountability and responsibility for mans perception of excellence and a watered down gospel of love. Love for people starts with a love for God. Honoring people over God is not the biblical gospel of love, it is actually the biblical testimony of spiritual adultery.

God, please send us those who are skilled to communicate the dangers within your Body and exhort others to respond in a manner pleasing to You.

With you for His glory

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dan said...

Tony - this is Dan Crask. I was blessed by this post about worship leaders. I am currently journeying through a wilderness in my faith, and it's unlike anything I've experienced before. Posts like this are akin to a drink of water. Thanks for writing it.