September 06, 2011

The Great Symphony (The Bride of Christ)

Reposted from July 2010 (from The Living Image: God Purposed You to Bear His Image and Know His Will)

I love symphonies, a thousand sounds blended together in perfect timing to produce harmony and structure. The undertones and overtones of harmonic blends.  The striking melodies and the beautiful harmonies.

The church is like a great symphony. God has brought millions of people together at just the right times in their lives so that they can glorify Him through the life that they live individually and in community.

For those times in life when discernment seems a little harder than just reading God’s Word and praying, you have an incredible asset at your disposal. Think about it! You not only have a group of people that know the Word of God and have a relationship with Him from which to seek guidance on your behalf, but they also know you! What an incredible combination! God makes this incredible being that is completely unique and a true one-of-a-kind (you) and then puts you in a place where other people can grow with you and know you and all your uniqueness in order to help you live your life to the fulfillment of what you were created for. The only other relationship that comes close to this and actually surpasses it is marriage (and one day, this great symphony will culminate in a wedding feast!).

If you are truly in a spot in life where God’s will seems hidden from you, then Scripture, prayer, and the community of the saints should all affirm for you a way for you to go. They always work together, and since the Holy Spirit is the author of all three of these, the answers will be made clear when all three agree.  Yes, sometimes God is quiet, but He is not vindictive.  His silence is not a test to see if you choose the correct option from all those He has laid out before you - waiting to strike if you choose wrong while He remains silent.  Trust the saints, the Spirit guiding the Bride, and the Word of God in you and them.

Community is a two-way street, though. If you want people to know you, then you have to offer yourself to the relationship and allow people to get to know you. Don’t always be an observer of the symphony, get in there and play so that when you need it, it is there for you, and so that when you are needed, you are there to be called on.  Life with the Bride is a lot more beautiful with you in it.

With you for His glory

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