July 4th Was Originally a Christian Holiday!

Many people believe that while our country is not a Christian nation, it is founded on Christian principles. I am one of those people.

It is interesting to hear people talk about history without God as if they know they are right simply because they have never heard anything different. One of the great tragedies of modern scholasticism is that most humanist scholars don't know how to do credible research any more. The pick research material that only enforces there already defined worldview.

Well, this nation was built on Christian principles - and that is not just to say "religious" principles, but truly, Christ-centered, Trinitarian, Almighty God, theology-influenced principles. It is all over the pages of history, literally. Not even counting the preamble to the constitution, it is written in the speeches, proclamations, international treaties, and public policy of which our founding fathers produced in the establishment of this nation.

As such, the Fourth of July was one day that was set aside for "...the commemoration by means of solemn acts of devotion to God..." as provided by John Adams. There was a time when it was deliberated as to whether we should even celebrate our independence or not out of respect for God's rule. Watch the video with David Barton below. It is really inspiring to Christian Patriots. Happy Birthday America - and Thank You Father.

With you for His glory