Testimony of a Man

Jesus Christ. Lord. Savior. Healer, Judge to Come, and Redeeming Prince of Peace.

Who is Christ to me? There is a wonderful audio clip on You Tube that has combined a famous sermon by Dr. S.M. Lockridge with video and music. You may recognize it, but please check it out here.


I have been thinking for a while that I would like to share my testimony in a series of short posts that testifies to Christ in my life and why Image Bearing is such a big theme in my life and ministry.

I have experienced many blessings in my life. I have traveled the World; I have had great friends; and I have been blessed with a family more amazing than I ever imagined.

It has been my great privilege to save the lives of other human beings and I have carried the burden of putting them in harms way. I have been involved in surgical operations and military operations. I have breathed life into a brother, and I have walked with others during the last few days, hours, and moments of this earthly life. I have seen death in gentle peaceful dignity, and I have witnessed the carnage of broken men given over to debased minds and allowed to do "what ought not to be done".

I have known the joy of beautiful friendships and the shame of selfish usury. I have been loved and hated, caressed and beaten. I have known the glory of hard fought victory and the humility of no-contest defeat.

I have sung in cathedrals, performed on television, published my writings and met "important" people.

These are things that have defined my life experience, but fortunately, they have never defined me. It took me almost thirty years to realize what Christ's claim on my life was all about. I would like to share that journey with you over the next several days - in hopes that you would find encouragement and hope in this most awesome and perfect relationship that we have with the author, savior, and sustainer of our souls.

With you for His glory-