March 21, 2011

False Faith by Dee Dee Zent

I would like to showcase the work of a new friend today.  Her name is Dee Dee Zent and she is the author of a fantastic and surprisingly captivating new book called False Faith.  She describes the story as "A story of God's faithfulness towards one who is on the search for truth despite upsurging lies buried deep in her soul."  The story is her true life story covering a 20 year journey through and out of the Prosperity Gospel movement.  Powerful.  You can click on the title below to go to her daily blog which will reveal the full book in daily tidbits.  You can also go to and search for her book title False Faith to read the book in whole.  I have posted the intro from her book below.  God bless you today and I hope this is encouraging or informational as a resource for another ministry in your life.

With you for His glory

Swallowing a hook

I have fished a little in my life.  Usually, when I go 
fishing with my husband we do the "catch and 
release" bit.  He doesn’t really enjoy the taste 
of the fish around here and he likes even less to clean 
and gut the fish. To him it is just as much to 
fun to catch them and then let them go back on 
their merry way.  Once in awhile, when we go on 
a family fishing trip, somebody in the family will 
catch a fish that has swallowed the hook.  It’s 
amazing how deep the hook can go inside that fish’s 
body.   If it's really deep, Darren will just detach 
the hook from the line and let the fish swim away, 
hook and all.  Pulling out a hook that deep would 
likely kill a fish. I remember one time we did try to 
pull out a very deep hook.  The hook pulled away at 
the fishes organs and made a real mess inside the fish.   
That fish did die as the internal damage was too 
heavy. It is a little troubling when you’re talking 
about a fish but when speaking figuratively about a 
person, it is deeply troubling.   And I am the person 
I am talking about.  When I swallowed that hook 
of false teaching, I swallowed it deep.  God knew 
that the hook had to come out.  He also knew 
that it was going to be a long arduous process 
of pulling it out.  I had no idea. This is my story.

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Jonathan J. Woodward said...

This book "False Faith" by Dee Dee Zent is fantastic. I couldn't have more good to say about it, honestly. It's something that needs to pierce the market of Christian publishing, and I can't wait until it gets out.