March 30, 2011

False Faith: Going Deeper

For those of you who haven't joined me yet, please do.  I am sharing the fascinating journey of Dee Dee Zent as scribed by her in her book False Faith.

False Faith: Going Deeper: " After my salvation I consistently went to Catholic Youth meetings and continued to go to church with my famil..."

God Bless


Anonymous said...

This one was tough...Christians need to stop attacking each other. There are many cases where Christians need to take a stand against false theology...such as Rob Bell's book. However, in this case, Dee Dee Zent had her feelings hurt and is now going back and claiming the people in the room were not Christian. Maybe some of them were just teenagers that had never seen the gift of tongues. That doesn't deserve an article of revenge. I feel strongly about this because whenever you ask someone why they don't believe in God...they point to the petty arguements within the church. "Going Deeper" in this case seems to be "I'm getting them back for hurting my feelings". Still love your website.

Tony said...

Actually, Dee Dee is developing a story line. I have read ahead, and with that added information, I know that she is not doing that. She is sharing her thoughts at the time. It's a biography. If you either go to the website at which I previously posted, or wait for Dee Dee to reveal the whole story, I am assuming you will see the story in full, and see that she is not doing what you suggested above. Thanks for reading it though, and I hope you keep reading. If this is your background, realize she is not smearing "Spirit filled" expressions of faith, the book is about the "prosperity gospel", "Name it Claim it" movement, which is not the same thing as the spirit filled expression of faith. Please be patient and let others tell their story realizing they are telling their story for resource and encouragement, not trying to convert anyone else's faith to theirs.

Anonymous said...

I was discouraged by the except that I read however, in the format of a biography and Dee Dee's feelings at the time...I might see the premise differently. Christians can be very diverse however, we need to stand by Biblical truths (the "prosperity" message is surely not a biblical truth) and love eachother. I look forward to reading the rest of her biography.

Tony said...

Thanks brother.