Doctrinal Statement Part 11

I read a great book that really changed my worldview about life in Eternity.  Titled, Heaven Is A Place On Earth: Why Everything You Do matters To God, by Michael Wittmer.  The reason it changed my life is because it brought me face to face with my childish and mystical visions of Heaven.  It challenged me to see the unbiblical, way boring, and undesirable conceptions of eternal life that I had created from traditional pictures handed down to me rather than from good exposition of Scripture.  HEaven will be an incredible experience; one that will never end.  It will be unlike anything we can imagine, but that doesn't mean it will be alien.
Earth is not a temporary Hell compared to where we are longing for.  In fact, the Bible depicts Earth will be made new, not destroyed while we go somewhere else.
This makes a big difference in the way I appreciate and think through the experiences and stewardship I have right now in this time and place.  This isn't practice.  It isn't penance.  It isn't a test.  This is life.  It's a gift.  It's fallen and broken, but it wasn't supposed to be.  It wasn't designed or created that way.  What would have happened if it hadn't been broken?
My picture and understanding of eternity begin with my understanding of here and now.  It seems silly that anyone has to state and defend, "I believe Heaven is a real thing that is coming and going to be experienced.  I believe in a literal and physical resurrection."   But, nonetheless, here we are.  In a day and age when adolescents are more involved in simulated warfare and alternative lifestyles in simulated relationships on impersonal computerized phones and consoles, I need to state boldly and clearly, that I believe what is coming is touchable, breathable, seeable, and exciting beyond comprehension.  People need understand why I want to be in the New Creation with my King (other than to be with Him of course).  HE has promised us incredible life full of joy and LIFE without the negatives of this fallen world.  He wants me to want it.  He told me about it on purpose.  It's real and I am going to be living there doing things forever while others who do not belong there will be living forever in unimaginable torment.
It's real.
It's Real.
IT's REAL!  =0)

10. The Eternal State
 I believe in the literal bodily resurrection 
of all persons. Believers are to be resurrected as new physical
and spiritual Creations to enjoy eternal life with God; and 
unbelievers to experience judgment and then eternal suffering 
apart from God in a literal Hell.
(John 5:28-29; I Corinthians15:52; 
I Thessalonians 4:16; II Thessalonians 1:7-9; 
Revelation 20:4-6, 21:1-8)