James Alan LaMouria

For those of you who have read my bio, you know that I was adopted as a teenager.  I had a broken relationship with my real father and sadly it never healed.  My father passed away this last week.  He was just 66 years old.  The last time I saw him was at my wedding over six years ago (at the time of this writing).

I am reminded this week that life is precious.  I always thought that there would come a day when my father would be able to meet his grandchildren (my three boys).  In fact, my wife and I had recently told the boys that they had a grandfather they hadn't met yet, but someday would.

God gives us life for a time.  It is too precious to let important things like "hello's", "I'm sorry's",  and "I love you's" go unspoken.  

I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad.  I didn't have the opportunity to celebrate his life at his funeral.  So I would like to honor the little I know - here and now.

My father was a kind and gentle man.  He never spoke a cruel word to me in his life that I can remember.  We didn't understand each other very well at times, and late in his life, something outside of both of our control came between us; but I know he loved me and did his best in this life to live with integrity and goodness.  I read his obituary and the remarks left online at the funeral home that did his wake.  Many people commented on his friendship, his mentorship, and strength of character.  It is obvious that he lived a life that impacted people in work, worship, and home.  I have missed my father greatly at times in my life, and to my great shame, there have times when I have not.  But he was my father.  

I pray that on that glorious day, I will be able to see my father again and know him in the fellowship of Christ.  That will be one of the many blessings of eternity for me.

Again, life is precious.  I encourage you to rightly steward your time in fellowship with the ones God has placed in your life.  Do life right.  Honor your parents because God said to.  Period.  Love your children because God gave them to you as a gift.  Period.   Remember the love of God poured out to you despite your imperfections.   Do likewise.  Period.  


With you for His Glory