September 27, 2012

What's Wrong With Me?!! Part 2

Yesterday, I started with the idea that discouragement often can bring us to a place where we ask, "What's wrong with me?"  The author of Psalm 119 kinda got there, but he shows us a different way to respond to those feelings.  He looks at himself and sees he falls short of the ideal saints that he could compare himself with.  But instead of asking the wrong question, he asks, "How do I respond to God's sovereignty in this (any) situation?"
His answer: Focus on God through His Word.  This will lead us to Praising God.

This helps us on our way out of discouragement, but it doesn't fully deliver us.  I think there at least two more steps for someone to take out of such a place when life gets them down.  Today, on step two, I want to talk about re-appointment.

2) After disappointment, always comes re-appointment.

There is not a single story in scripture about the people of God where disappointment is not followed by God's re-appointment.  Every single time their is a disappointment in the life of a believer or of a hopeful individual, God re-appoints that individual or people to His design for them in the first place.  It is always better.  It is always good.  It is always more fulfilling.

This is short, because it really is that simple.  When I feel discouraged and want to ask, "What is wrong with me?"  I need to turn my focus onto God's Word and say, "Regardless, how do I respond now to God's sovereignty in this situation?"  In order to know the answer to that, I have to focus on the truth of God's Word about the circumstance.

Maybe it's not as bad as I think.
Maybe it's worse, but about something different.
But regardless, God is sovereign and He wants me to respond to His Truth correctly starting now - regardless of how fouled up I may have been before.

Eventually, this will lead me to praise.

When it does, I can now humbly submit to God by saying, "I will wait on you Lord, for I know your ways are best!  You are in control.  You are good.  And I know You love me.  With all this, that can only mean your good for me in your perfect time according to your perfect plan."

Now I am waiting on God's re-appointment.  I am trusting in His best, while doing what I am supposed to do regardless of my circumstances or feelings about myself.

And now I am ready for step three, which I will talk about in my next post.

With you for His glory-

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