September 06, 2013

Living with Jesus.

In 2010, after 25 years, Larry King announced he was hanging up the suspenders and turning off the mic. After interviewing more than 50,000 human beings, Larry was asked by a news correspondent who he would have liked to interview that he was never able to. Larry answered without hesitation, "God."

When asked what Larry would ask God, his answer was characteristically Larry King - straight to the point.

"I would ask Him if He has a Son," he said. "There seems to be an awful lot riding on the answer to that one."

Larry has the question, but unfortunately, not the answer yet. 

My wife and I strive to make the answer to that question obvious in our home.  We have made it a priority to make Jesus as real as possible to three little boys who don't yet fully comprehend the intangible reality of God's invisibile attributes.

More than just teaching answers to catechism questions (which can be important), we strive to make the meta-narrative of God's revelation as an all-encompasing reality of life.  His story oversees and touches on every aspect of our life - because of Jesus.  Everything was made through Jesus.  Everything was made for Jesus.  Everything is held together because Jesus wants it to.  JEsus is coming back to be King over everything.  Jesus cares about the way we do everything  while enjoying everything He has made.  This includes talking, playing, enjoying entertainment, what we do with our gift money and earned money, and how we recieve and respond to discipline.  

This doesn't mean we simply talk about him all the time; we talk to Him all the time.  We include Him as a listening party in certain discussions.  We let our boys see us subjecting our will, resources, and patience to His guidance.  We are very open in speaking clearly and openly to Him when we are wrong about something.  They see us holding our family members (including ourselves) to account - by reflecting on his Words or stories/examples and responding to Him when it is us that need to confess to them and ask them for forgiveness).

I hope one day, when they have the opportunity to autonomously respond willfully to that same question as King, their response will be, "Of course God has a Son!  Jesus has been living in our house for as long as I can remember."  

With you for His Glory