The 5 Life Changing Laws of Discipleship

The 5 Life Changing Laws of Discipleship

"Tony presents a timely message to all followers of Jesus Christ who are striving to live out their faith with authenticity and purpose. 12:2 explores the reality of what it means for believers to be a ‘living sacrifice’ in today’s world, with careful application of solid Biblical and theological truths that relate to current issues facing the Church today. This is a poignant challenge we as God’s people need for walking the ‘narrow road’ with strength and humility, yet Tony offers practical steps to guide us through the adversity we will face in this world. It is a pleasure to recommend 12:2 for anyone desiring to become immersed in Scripture, and capture a better understanding of what true life in Christ can be."
-Nate Perron
                  President, Samaritan Heritage Counseling Ministries

This book was written primarily for the western church, where social liberties and liberal theology intermingle and present unique problems to the integrity of the Gospel message and Church maturity.  However, the principles of human pride and deception are not prejudiced, and the sin of cultural conformity is universal.  Wherever the Bride of Jesus Christ exists, there will be cultural influences that will seek to suppress the redemptive grace that transforms lives within the Body.           

            The Church is not only represented in the public square and secret closet gatherings on sacred mornings and evenings, but in the personal lives of individuals as they live within their own culture.  Every culture has historical, socioeconomic, traditional, philosophical, and political influences, which shape the character of individual, family, and vocational life within that setting.  The temptation to be conformed to the patterns of the World is just as present to the Bride represented in China or India as it is in Great Britain or North America.  My prayer is that wherever this book is read, the Saints will be challenged to examine the Image of Christ in their lives and push back the gates of Hell wherever that Image is challenged.

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There is also a 5 seminar Conference designed to go along with this book covering the 5 Life Changing Laws of Discipleship.  If you are interested in contacting me for a special event to kick off the Ten week study this book provides, please contact me via commenting below.

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