The Church's Greatest Moment!

Hi Friends.

What does that mean to you when I say that?  Do you really feel like my friend?  Are we friends?  Have we ever even met?  If we did, would we be friends?  Would our faith unite us?

When God called out to Cornelius and Peter, the world was literally changed forever.  Why? Because this was the final racial and cultural barrier for the Church to breach.  The last barrier for God to demolish.  The Church had been opened up to the Jews and to the Samaritans, and possibly to the Ethiopians(!).  But despite Mark chapter 7 and everything that had been experienced up to that point, the Church had still not conquered their prejudices of uncleanliness.  This was the single greatest moment in the history of the Church.  The door was finally swung wide open and upon understanding that God was calling to the gentiles as well as the Jewish nations, the Church finally became what it was called to be.

But it begs us to take a very authentic introspective look into our own hearts.  If Peter could still have a hard time receiving a direct message and command from Christ in Mark 7 and then in Acts 10 against prejudice, how could we think we are beyond the reach of discriminating temptation?

So, this is the question:  Do I still harbor any prejudices against my brothers that hinder the growth of my church?

Are any of my agendas or ideas, preferences or personal standards preventing the Gospel from coming fully alive in my life?  Or preventing from truly loving others or truly loving my Father?  Am I making assumptions that unrighteously judge others?  ( By the way, any time condemnation is attached to our judgement, it is unrighteous and therefore sinful Romans 2:1 cf, 8:1, 31).  Do I operate under the assumption that the Holy Spirit needs me to do His job of discerning peoples hearts and convicting them of their sin?

Remember this:  Jesus Himself didn't consider it His place to do the Holy Spirit's job.  He straight up said, " You want me to leave so that The Holy Spirit will come and do His job!"

Hmmmm.  Maybe my assigned yoke is more restrictive than I thought - which makes it much lighter and easier to bear.

If you have read many of my blogs, you know I advocate defending the Truth and protecting the Church.  But I advocate doing it within the two greatest commandments  Whatever the situation, whoever the person, there is direction in the Scriptures on how to do it within the context of the two greatest Commandments.  Hf you want to hear it, here is this weeks message!

Enjoy the Gospel!  Enjoy seeing others wrestle with it and pray for them where they need wisdom and strength!  You are loved!  Go and do likewise!

With you for His glory,