Forgiveness Week One

This last week, we looked at some very clear teaching on forgiveness from the book of Luke.  As Jesus is the one teaching, it is very powerful and foundational.

As we look more closely at the text in question, Luke 17:1-10, it becomes apparent that this very critical imperative is being given specifically to the disciples as a summarization to a larger teaching and rebuke that begins in Luke 14:1.  It is all the more profound then when we see the three excuses the Lord overcomes for us and the very direct command that leaves us with no other option than total submission to the Lords prerogative here.

This is probably one of the hardest struggles in the Christian faith.  I know it is for me and for many in the Church who echo my own struggles to apply the Lords teaching without bias.  As we looked at the consequences as well, it is a wonder that we find so much other busy work to distract us sometimes.  We have much work to do here in Luke 17:1-10.  I pray that you have victory if forgiveness and repentance.  God bless you this week.  If you want to listen to the sermon again, click here.

With you for His glory,