November 02, 2016

John Chapter 6

First of all, for those who listened to the sermon - I apologize for a bad reference.  Over and over again I referenced Mark chapter 8 as one of the other versions of the text.  It wasn't Mark chapter 8.  It was chapter 6.

That aside, our discussion focused on who John was presenting Christ as to us and then who the other two factions of people were.  This is so important to us as Christians today, because the groups overlapped at a significant point.  Once Jesus began to truly identify Himself and how others came to Him, many of His disciples realized that Jesus was telling them that they were no different than the multitudes following Him for the wrong reasons,  and they left, offended.  We will take a closer look at that this week.

What we need to see though is that there are those who realize they need Jesus no matter what, and there are those who use Jesus no matter what.  People had left homes and jobs and were following Jesus for food and healing and whatever else He would provide.  They were wowed and awed by His demonstrations and signs, but they wanted to forcefully make Him king!

How selfish!  How violent! How - misdirected.

Encountering Jesus can have many effects.  Scripture indicates that a few of them can look authentically appropriate in the beginning.  But time and human hearts ultimately reveal their genuine
concerns regarding the Christ.

Where do you find yourself?  I hope you are a genuine disciple.  Maybe a better question would be:  Which group does your life's behavior put you in?

With you for His glory,