January 10, 2017

Pride: Our Greatest Threat

It is the greatest threat to our purpose:  Bearing the Image of God.
It is the greatest threat to the ministry He gives us.
It is the greatest threat to loving Him and becoming like Jesus.

This week, we looked at 1 Peter and what it tells us about Pride and how to overcome it.

It's really quite simple.  The battle is agonizing at times, but the antidote is simple:

"In your hearts, honor Christ as Holy."  1 Peter 3: 15

When pride rears it's ugly head, honor Christ.
In your heart.
As holy.

The antidote to serving self; to exalting self; to saving face, is to honor Christ.  It's not about us, it's about Him.  He has a purpose for all things and He has a purpose for us in the midst of all those things.  He wants us to honor Him and leave the "saving face" to Him.

But lip service isn't the issue.  Glorifying Christ; honoring our Creator isn't about saying simply, "It's all you Lord!"  It's about honoring Him is the quiet, tumultuous depths of our hearts.  Especially when Pride tries to claim the throne.  Honor Christ in your hearts, quietly, personally, powerfully.

Jesus is not like our earthly best friends though.  He isn't like our parents or lovers who grow accustomed to our frailties and weaknesses and accept them as character traits.  He is our best friend, Almighty Father, and the Lover of our Souls, but HE is not like any one or anything else.  He is Holy!  He is completely different and worthy of all honor and glory and power.  To honor Him is not to seat him where we seat our earthly idols or heroes.  To honor Him for what He is, is to make Him everything; to make everything about His everything.

When I do that, there really isn't much room or energy left for saving my own face, defending my own pride.  Come to think of it, there isn't much thought of it either.

1 Peter chapter 5: 5-10 tells us that if we trust in His mighty hand to work in His perfect timing according to His perfect will, knowing that our Christian family all over the world suffers the same way, that He will not only restore us, but He will confirm His work in Us, strengthen us more than before, and establish us.  I think it's worth it to see what happens.

What about you?  Are you fighting the good fight of the faith against pride in your own life?  Be humble friends.  For His glory...and your blessing.  Trust that He will show up and bring it about.

With you for His glory,