January 27, 2017

The Third Greatest Threat

Being Outside of God's Will.

In truth all three of these last weeks threats are tied together by the first issue we discussed: pride.

It is when our Pride rears up, that we pursue us rather than Christ.  It is when our Pride is offended that we react either antagonistically or subserviently to shame from others.

Likewise, it is our own pride that leads us to pursue anything other than what God has for us.  Even the best intention can be wrong if it presumes to know what God wants before earnestly seeking it and/or seeking the understanding of it in helping/guiding others.

But God's Will seems like a monstrous thing to some people.  Some view it as an unknowable (or at least uncertain) etherial thing "out there"  that we have to guess at.  Some treat it flippantly as though it is something easy or simple to discern once you become a Christian.  Both views are un-Biblical approaches to our loving FATHER's desire to communicate TO us, what He wishes FOR us.

First, if you don't actually ever think about whether or not you are pursuing God's will for your specifics in life, chances are, you probably aren't.  It may be that you are busy and have become distracted.  Listen - He loves you.  He wants you to return to Him and ask.  It's okay.

On the other hand, you may think you don't need to pursue what God thinks of your best laid plans, because your best laid plans are obviously blessed by God as proved by your personal success.  I hope you Know that God loves you and would never trust you to yourself in this crazy messed up World.  Your success in life may be a blessing, but if you are not pursuing His will for your life, your success is nothing compared to what you could be experiencing.

In Church this weekend, we discussed a few things the Bible gives us to consider as we look for God's general will for our life.  This is a good place to start.  Beyond here, each of us must look to our specific relationship with God for details.  God's People, prayer, and the Holy Spirit will always align when it is truly God's will; and the process of seeking those out will reveal who is truly in tune with how to pursue God's will Biblically.

This is what we discussed:

If you want to know you are pursuing God's will, look for these indicators in your life:

1.  JOB, PSALM 78:4, 7, 41,58   Am I living a life that is most concerned with God's glory in this? 

2. ROMANS 12:2  Am I open to the transformation that leads to thinking differently from the worlds ways of thinking about success, stability, and "what's best"?

3. 2 Peter 1:1-11 Am I most concerned with developing the character of Christ?

4. Mark 12:29-31, John 17 God’s Core:   Am I experiencing peace, love and unity the way God does and wants me do?

5.  2 Peter 1:5-10 same passage, different focus:  Am I seeing the pursuit of God's will as a lifestyle or a lifeline?

There are too many of us wandering through the wilderness of this world thinking that we have it all together.  
There are too many others thinking they are worth less to God because they don't have lives that look like the first. 
There may be people in either group who are, in-fact, in God's will; But both can be very far off track.  

I encourage you to look at that list and ask yourself today: "Am I the Image Bearer that God made me to be?  Or am I doing it my way?"

With you for His glory,