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The Living Image: God Purposed You To Bear His Image and Know His Will

The Living Image is a challenging call for every Christian to examine the impact of God's purpose in every area of their life.  Knowing the purpose given in Genesis, how that purpose was redeemed at the Cross, and how that purpose effects the revelation of God's revealed will for life - is eternally transforming.  
Chapter Study questions included in the back for small group study.

Reviews for The Living Image on Barns & Noble's website:
"The living image is a challenge to any believer. A challenge to look within and see if you are living your life as an "Image Bearer" This book is written from a biblical view. It tackles the great privilege we have to be earthly stewards. This book has an urgent reminder that we are here to bear the image of our creator. I highly recommend this book to remind you to never stop serving and to never stop loving the creator of all!!!"

"This book was an incredible read, it taught me alot as a new believer about the importance of living for Christ and understanding that I bear His image in all that I do. It gave me a new outlook on my worldview and has allowed me to maximize my effectiveness with others as well as my relationship with God. I highly recommend for anyone in a leadership role or anyone looking to improve their intimacy with God."

"I loved it! This book changed my understanding of my relationship with God. I have been living so beneath my purpose, not because [of] what I could do, but because of what everything I do means! I highly recommend it to anyone who feels plateaued, unchallenged, or maybe just burned out. This will definitely get you going!"

"This book is filled with solid biblical teaching aimed at challenging today's spiritually hungry to pursue what is really important. It's a great read for those who are making major life transitions (my situation) or Christians in some type of recovery. I recommend it for anyone who feels worn, discouraged, tired or simply exhausted from pursuing a life that is pleasing to God. I am so glad someone gave this to me when they did."

"Doctrinally sound and very helpful book for those who are struggling or want a better understanding of how to be pleasing to our creator. When you get tired of trying to live a life without sin, pick up this book and gain a Biblical perspective of living with a genuine and joyful relationship with Christ as you learn to bear His image."

Review by Larrie at Seams Inspired 
When I offered to review this book for my bloggy friend,Elisabeth, I thought it would be a breeze to read. What I found was a thought-provoking, soul-stirring, self-examining book written by A.M. LaMouria, Elisabeth's husband.
Whether or not you are questioning what God's will is for your life, you need to read this book. It breaks down the world views of what it means to be a Christian, and shows you how to faithfully bear the Image of God instead of just imitating what you think a Christian should look like.
Although the verbiage and format was easy to read, I found myself wanting to really take my time to digest this book. It would make a fabulous book club read, as the opportunities to discuss with others would definitely arise.
The book is available in electronic format, so grab your Kindle or reading device and download it today. You won't be disappointed. In fact, I think you'll be rewarded with a pivotal life moment. God wants us to be Image Bearers. You'll find out how to be just that when you read this book.

Review by Pastor Jim Groves: Director, Journey Ministries of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Executive Pastor, Avalon Church, Orlando, FL
"I happened to read A.M. LaMouria’s book, The Living Image, at the end of May 2009 - and then immediately handed a copy the next week to all our church’s high school and college graduating seniors.  Although a Christian most of my life, it personally took me forty-seven years to discern and start applying (in my life and my pastoral counseling) the truths that are clearly and concisely presented in this book. The Living Image helps make biblical sense of life’s relationships, responsibilities and transitions by anchoring us to the reason we were all created. This book is a new resource in my counseling ministry."

Review by Pastor John Nixon, Belmont MI
"While many well-meaning adults provide teenagers with shallow and oversimplified answers in trying to help them through the turbulent years of adolescence, The Living Image teaches them a biblical theology and worldview."

12:2 Starting Now (in submission)
Jesus didn't just demonstrate discipleship techniques, He demonstrated how to be a disciple.  12:2 introduces a paradigm shift in the way we think about discipleship and looks at five key aspects of Jesus' incarnation that teach us what it truly means to be a disciple.
Seven week Responsive Study included in the book for personal and small group study.

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The E'Lutherian Chronicles: (Fiction)
       The Sword
       The Rising
       The Throne       

The Two Kingdoms: A Discipleship Fable

Men of Blessing

Sovereign Love