June 04, 2011

Doctrinal Statement Part 4

The big point I would like to make about this portion of my statement is that Jesus was the final and ultimate effect of my salvation.  That means that He alone is the all sufficient and insurmountable finality of my mortification and justification.  There is no further work to be done for my salvation or anyone else's whom He has called.  The work of salvation is done.  The declaration of righteousness has been made and can not, will not, be revoked.  There is no longer any man made intercession that can add to the completed work of my righteous standing before God.  Jesus did everything and none of it can be undone.
There is refining work that is still going on in my Image Bearing life this side of eternity.  This is the work of Sanctification done in me by the Holy Spirit.  I must still work at growing in fellowship with Him, which results in spiritual, fruit-bearing stewardship, but I can never be "lost" or "fall away".  That is the testimony of 1 John and 2 Peter.  Jesus is all.  Salvation is in Him alone.

With you For His Glory

3. The Person and Work of Christ
 I believe that the Lord 
Jesus, the eternal Son of God, became man, without 
ceasing to be God, having been conceived of the Holy 
Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, in order that He might 
reveal God and redeem the broken Image of God in 
man, and redeem sinful man through His life, death 
and resurrection.  I believe that He fully accomplished 
our redemption and secured it for all time, through 
His death on the cross as a volitional, vicarious, and 
propitiatory sacrifice.  I believe that our redemption, 
salvation, and hope of new life is guaranteed to us by 
His literal, physical resurrection from the dead.

(Isaiah 53:4-5, 10-12; John 1:1-2, 14, 18, 17:3-8, 
25-26; Luke 1:35, 19:10; Romans 3:24-26, 4:25, 
5:12-21, 6:4; 1 John 3:8)
I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is now in heaven, 
exalted at the right hand of God, where, as His people's 
High Priest, He fulfills the ministry of intercession and 
(Hebrews 1:3, 3:1, 7:23-25, 9:24, 12:2; 
I John 2:1-2)

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