Doctrinal Statement Part 8

I have made a distinction within my statement between "salvation" and "eternal security".  Not everyone who believes in salvation believes in eternal security.  Therefore, I think it is important enough to distinguish what I believe so that my teaching, counseling, and daily walk will exhibit a clear emphasis on the irreversible, irrevocable, and immutable nature of God's declaration on my life.
Because God does everything, and because God does it to glorify Himself, I cannot undo what He has done.  I cannot lose what He has given, because it is hidden in Christ.  I cannot fail as a steward of my salvation, because I do not steward it, Christ does.  It is in His hands.  He has sealed it with the Holy Spirit in my life.  I cannot lose my sonship, because Jesus is my constant intercessor and my sonship is tied up in His sonship.  The only way I could not be a child any longer is if HE ceased to be The Son.

I can fall out of fellowship with my Father and Lord.  I can ignore and fight the conviction of the Holy Spirit in my life.  But I will never be more than a prodigal son.  I am saved.  I have a place in His Kingdom because HE covered me with His righteousness.  I cannot ever be uncovered no matter what I do.  That's the point of His righteousness.

If I am faking, then God will be glorified when He uncovers the wickedness of my heart, the futility of my schemes, and the perfect, unchallenged judgement in the end - if not sooner.  If that happens, then I will not have lost anything, I simply will never have been anything more than a moralistic faker.

But my trust is in more than a place in heaven.  My trust is in more than a rapture call.
My trust is most powerful and glorifying when it is entirely dependent on His efficacy and grace.  His Spirit provokes me to good works and creates a desire to please Him.  It convicts me of sin and causes me anguish when I face my depravity.  But oh, the joy that comes in the morning.  His mercies are never ending - new every morning (sometimes - moment by moment).  His grace is enough.

With you for His glory

7. The Eternal Security of the Believer
 I believe that all those 
who have genuinely put their trust in Christ as Savior and Lord 
have become new creations, and redeemed Image Bearers in 
Christ, and are kept eternally secure by the power of the Holy 
Spirit and the intercession of Jesus Christ.
(John 10:27-30, 
17:19-20, 24; Romans 8:1, 29-30, 38-39; Ephesians 4:30; 
Hebrews 7:25; I Peter 1:5)