Holiness: Set Apart - To Glorify

In this first part of our study on Holiness, we are looking at what it means to be set apart.  From there we are doing to move on to what Holiness looks like as we pursue holiness.  We'll look at Maturity in several of it's components; then submission and it's components; then change and it's components, followed by Law and Grace, Disciplines, and God's specific blessings to His own, and all the components for all of those.

I have taken the outline from the Discovering God Study Bible put out by CRU ministries through Partnership with Tyndall and Wycliff, but the study will be of my own pursuit and design.

But back to set apart.  I want to briefly say that their are two parts to being set apart.  The first is to God for his purposes of revealing Himself through us and His for revealing His purposes.  The second is for the rest of humanity.  He sets us apart for Him, but to others.  We were created to be a Kingdom of priests, taking His message and revelation to the rest of humanity.  We were set apart for this task.  He receives the Glory and others receive the eternal blessing of hearing and having the opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

If we look throughout all the Bible, the Metanarrative, the big story, tells us that God has always set apart a select people to glorify Himself.  In Creation, man was set apart from everything else to Glorify Him.  After the Fall, He kept a single family line set apart for Himself.  He then set apart an entire nation of people for Hm came from that singular family line.  After the redemption of Christ, He sets apart a people called the Church for this awesome purpose, and then in the consumation, He sets his true Bride apart for eternal glorification with Him.

To understand what it means to be holy we have to understand what we were called to Holiness for.  To Glorify Him is the first piece.  Next, we will look at worship and how it differs from this first piece, to Glorify Him.

With you for His glory,