Holiness Set Apart - to Worship

The first part of being Set apart unto God is for His big picture purposes of glorifying Himself (which we looked at last week) and to worship Him.  These are the two Godward aspects of Holiness: Being set apart for Him in which He reveals Himself and His purposes for humanity.

So how is Worship different from Glorification?

Well, I see glorifying God as something God does through us.  It has a very distinctive purpose in that God intends to communicate something to ALL of Creation through the purpose.  Worship is our response to that purpose, but it also reveals something about God to the rest of the world.

We worship God is Spirit and Truth.  The Spirit implied is obviously His Spirit.  No other religion on earth has that motivator or catalyst.  Naturally then, it looks different and feels different from any other religious experience on earth.  Second, He calls us to worship in Truth.  No other spiritual authority on earth that commands allegiance through some false religion cares about the truth or authenticity behind the worship of it's adherents.  They all follow the Father of Lies and therefore, there worship cannot entail truth.  It follows naturally that our worship then should look radically different and sound radically different from all other forms of worship - and it does - when we do it the way He requires it in Scripture.

Being set apart to Worship the God of Creation, the God of Justice, The God of Love, the God of Grace, the God of Eternity is a privilege of freedom and empowerment.  Creation learns about a Holy God that loves and flips every world process, relationship, and requirement on it's ear and brings true healing and newness in it's wake.  It is foolishness and a stumbling block to those without the means to do it.  But it cannot be argued against by even the most avid atheist when it is done in Spirit and Truth.  Check out this vlog on the Atheist who presents the Gospel as proof.


God Bless.

With you for His glory,