Pedigree Holiness

Last week in worship, we focused on what it means to be set apart for God.

Now most of us have an idea of what it means that God set us (The authentic Christian Church) apart for Himself.  However, what are all the Biblical purposes for being set apart?

What we looked at last week was the aspect of being set apart to glorify Him with the ability to do so unlike any other creature.  The amazing aspect of this truth, and how it is so significant to us today, is how we can read through the larger narrative of Scripture from Genesis to revelation, and see so many unbelievable and astonishing works of glory and grace in order just to have a people set apart for His glory; and then to realize that you and I individually have been called to be a part of that collective group and larger story!

We are a part of this incredible story, this incredible working our of God's purposes and plans!  He made something for Himself to be set apart to manifest His character, presence and power through it, and we are chosen to be a part of it!

Now that alone is incredible to think about, that of all the people He chooses, He chose me.  But looking further into the stories, I begin to see also that He doesn't use the pedigree.  At least, not the way the world thinks of pedigree.

In God's eyes, the pedigree is the one who does justly, loves mercy, and walks humbly with Him.  (Micah 6:8)  The God-version of pedigree is the one with a contrite heart and a broken spirit (a spirit that has come to terms with the sinfulness of humanistic pride and surrendered to a Godly humility). (Psalm 51:17)  God-driven pedigree is a humility that looks like weakness, but demonstrates incomparable power and undeniable purposeful accomplishment.  (2 Corinthians 12:9)

That's when it really hits me that being a part of this "called out" group is so significant.  I am a sinner in every way, failing so often.  But He makes me usable and worthy anyway as I pursue the right response to His overwhelming grace.

Consider today how significant it is not to simply be set apart, but to be set apart with such an amazing cast of others and for such an important and significant purpose - despite ourselves.  Are you still living your purpose?

With you for His glory,