Set Apart To Worship

Last week we looked at the story of Hezekiah and his attempts to reform the religious life of Israel.  First off, he accomplished so much!  He did bring the people back to the Lord God Almighty!  The amazing thing about the story though is that he did it by calling the people back to worship.  He reminded them that they were set apart to God to minister to Him.  No one else on Earth had that privilege!  (2 Chronicles 29:11)

I love the Passion talk series by Louie Giglio.  In them, he points out how tremendous it is that we are called into a relationship with this Cosmic Father who is so much more indescribable and ginormous than we could possibly imagine.  And He delights in loving us!

He also delights in our worship!  WHAT!!!

I don't know about you, but I feel very insignificant in much of my life.  HE created the universe and the electron, what could my occasional warbling possibly do for His emotional state?

It doesn't matter if you are not musically inclined.  "Worship" was never intended to mean "singing".  Worship is how we give worth and weightiness to God through what we do and how we live.  So I wonder what you are using to worship God today?

Are you using your business?  Are you using your storytelling ability?  Are you using your woodworking, building, planting, designing, communicating, teaching, repairing, relationship building, parenting, facilitating, etc. - to give Him glory and worth?  Does the world around you feel the indescribable and joy filled weight and worth of God when you do what you do?

You are not insignificant!  He delights in what you do when you do it for His worth.  I pray you know what it means to Worship and are doing it.

If you want to listen to the sermon and see three of God's promises for us when we remember the priority of worship, click here!

With you for His glory,