Obedient Faith

As we continue in our series on Holiness, asking "What is the Biblical picture of Holiness?", we now focus on the concept of maturity.

It is impossible to study Biblical Holiness and not encounter Spiritual Maturity rather quickly; however, what is the Biblical picture of Spiritual maturity?  Their have been many things done in the name of Holiness, and there are many who go about with an aire of authority based on a facade of spiritual maturity that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ or His agendas.  So how do we know the difference?

This last week we looked at the first component of Spiritual maturity which is an obedient faith.  An obedient faith seeks to do whatever God says to do about something regardless of how it looks or feels so that His Power may be displayed and that His promises may be experienced.  We looked at James and noted that the brother of Jesus points our that The same God who said the big things of the law is the same God who said the smaller things in His law.  We don't have the authority or wisdom to choose which arts of His direction we will follow and which we will not follow.  We are simply called to faithfully be obedient to all of it.  Sure, don't kill or commit adultery, but also don't gossip or choose to handle relational issues your own way.  He has directions for nearly every issue that comes into our lives.  An Obedient faith seeks to know His Word - and thereby His Will - and be obedient to it no matter how small or "human" or "real" the situation appears to be.

That led us to consider James words, "Let no man say that God has tempted me."  We don't usually think that we blame God for tempting us when we consider the extreme stories of adulterous affairs in which a man claims God has shown Him clearly that he is to leave his wife and be with his secretary.  Surely none of us do that, so we pass by the verse.

But what about those of us who blame God for giving us the passions and personalities that sinfully destroy or pervert our relationships or responsibilities?  What about the man who treasures his car more than his wife?  What about the woman who treasures her book club of social media more than her husband?  What about the man who prioritizes fishing or hunting or shooting over his God-given priority to shepherd his wife heart and children lives?  What about the woman who prizes accomplishment and equality more that God's mandate for humility and selflessness?  What about the leader who is so stubborn and antisocial that everyone fears having conversation or votes because of their reputation for autonomous control?  When ever we say, God made me that way, we are saying God tempted me toward this end (which is sinful pride) by making me this way or by putting this passion inside of me.

Let it never be said of us that we are a people who believed in God but didn't believe Him enough to live an obedient faith and then blamed Him for it.  How sadly immature that would be.  It's never too late to confess, repent, and get it right.  To listen to the sermon, click here.

With you for His glory,