September 08, 2016

Not Needed, But Essential

I was sick the last two weeks and I finally succumbed to rest, having to ask for a friend to fill the pulpit this last weekend.  It is a wonderful reminder that I am not needed for the Church to continue worshipping and stewarding what God has given it (US) to do!

I say that tongue in cheek, because truly I am not needed; however, I know that I am essential to the Body where God has placed me.  The Church can function without me, and it Is God who causes His Spirit to will and to act within His people, not me.  At the same time though, I am reminded  that every member of the Body serves a God ordained, divinely designed purpose (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12) and that when one member of the Body celebrates or mourns, the whole Body does likewise (if it is actually attached to the Head, which is Christ, and following His Biblical instructions for unity).

What a wonderful thought.  The whole rests on God for success.  But He has made you and me essential components to that success.  If we, like the Army, want to be "The best that you can be," we find critical fulfillment in being a part of the Body, and the Body will find fulfillment when all of us are involved according to His design.  And it's nice to know tam out for whatever reason for a time, or if I mess up or let others down - it's okay, we keep going and we grow together.

Be there for your Body.  It isn't the same without you!

With you for His glory,