August 18, 2016

Set Apart for Maturity

As we continue looking at the Scriptural portrait of what it looks like to "Be Holy", we now turn our attention to the topic of maturity.

This last Sunday, we looked at a few key passages that deal with the biblical defense of even having to look at this issue.  It becomes clear very quickly that Biblical spiritual maturity is a very serious issue to God and can be a matter of life and death for the Church.

So over the next few weeks, we are going to look at five key marks of the kind of maturity that God has in mind when He uses the term.  Those makes are:

1.  Biblical Faith
2.  Biblical Accountability (caution, this one may be hard to l listen too!)
3.  Biblical Repentance
4.  Biblical Forgiveness
5.  Biblical Spiritual Fruit

The reason each one of these is preceded with he word "Biblical" is because, in my opinion, sadly today, the local Church as a whole does not take the time to discern the practical application of these Biblical principles in daily personal or corporate life.  We have become a very intellectualy elite culture at knowing and studying the Bible, but when marriage, work, interpersonal relationships in the church, neighborhood and community experience real friction; when politics and politicians go awry (surprise?), we rarely see these five traits displayed the way the Bible presents them.

And if we bring it up, the reasons are usually justified behind spiritual rationalization that sounds like something Godly but denies the power that could be experienced if simply applied.

This is a commentary, not a criticism.  It happens in my home from day-to-day as well.  Therefore, it is paramount in our pursuit of Holiness, both for our sakes and the watching world's (including our children) to look at this Biblical picture of Spiritual Maturity.  I hope it blesses you as we do.

you can listen to the sermon here.

With you for His glory,