August 10, 2016

Set Apart To Transform

This Last Sunday we explored Scripture together to see how God has expressed His desire for us to live as transformative agents in this World.  He set us apart and made us a "Light on a Hill" and the "Salt of the Earth" by the power of His Spirit in us collectively.

Note the word collectively.  Those terms were being directed at a group of people.  We are that group of people today.  We are the Church.  God's design for us to Glorify Him, to Worship Him, to be a Blessing to others and to be Transformative of the world around us is a mandate for the Church.

So many times though, our great ideas and awesome programs take the focus of our efforts and really what we end up doing is providing a single place for people to come to so that we can transform them if they care enough to come.  If they don't care enough to come, eh....

I believe, when we look at how Jesus transformed us and how He flipped the idea of what it means to be Holy in the first place,we can see the same negative issues today.  We tend to be immobile summoning others to come to us.  But Jesus said to go.

He brought us from Darkness to Light.  He had to go out to do it, He didn't simply call people to where He was.  He also transformed us from Death to Life.  That required, on His part, a journey to somewhere none of us has yet been.  When He brought us out of purposeless existence to a purpose filled one, He set us in motion.  When we were transformed from a Useless vessel to a Useful one, we became something not our own for an agenda not our own.  Those are tough ideas to swallow.

There is no "here" in the ministry of evangelism.  There is only "out there".  Out there is where the light is needed.  Out there is where Life is needed.  Out there is where our purpose and our usefulness become tangible.  "Here" was once the "out there" for someone else who was faithful.  There's will be to hear the LORD say, "Well done my good and faithful servant."  Let's do our part and as long as we have the capability. We do not get a share in their work. We have our own to do.  Let us get out there and Transform.

With you for His glory,