The Age of Inspiration

I wonder as I survey the landscape of "Christian" ministry in the west:  Have we traded inspiration for dedication?

I notice inspirational quotes on church signs.  I see people post 50 character statements on social media trying to inspire faith.  I see people eager to pass out as many gospel tracts as possible and pick up the latest version of Our Daily Bread for daily quick fixes of inspirational living.  In an age of immediacy, we all want our quick fix's of inspiration to motivate us through our day.

The problem as I see it, is that we aren't actually becoming more devoted to Christ, but more devoted to our ideas of ministry.

I know a lot of wonderful Christians who are fighting the good fight OF THE FAITH.  A lot of people forget about that last phrase in 1 Timothy 6:12.  Those devoted to Christ are fighting the fight of faith!  That means trusting what God says to do in every situation and enduring so as to see God's good, perfect, and pleasing work at the end of the circumstance.  That is fighting the good fight of the faith.

On the other side, I see a lot of people today who talk Christianeze and politely interact with their surroundings, but when real life conflict /hurt/tragedy/happens, the only option they can see is to act like unsaved people and handle problems like unsaved people - thus defaming Jesus publicly through their witness.  No one gets to see what God can do if His people would simply obey His guidance.

Their inspiration did not lead to dedication.  Perhaps we need to stop looking at the Christian Church to inspire us, and humble ourselves again to be shepherded into becoming disciples of the actual Biblical Christ.  I have found that He often looks very different than the 60 second Jesus we want to make us feel good about ourselves.

Are you looking for only inspiration in your life, or are you looking for the ONE TRUE THING to be devoted to as HE has asked for it?

With you for His glory,