Life takes detours.  Like this week's blog post.  I meant to continue the post series from last week
(and I will get back to it next week), but life took a number of detours this past week.

My family had to move this past week, and it started out like any normal move with the typical anxieties and frustrations, but it was soon complicated by some antagonistic personalities that I had no control over.

Then, on my first day of work last week, I got a call from a state trooper that my wife had rolled the vehicle she was driving with all of our kids in it.  The vehicle was totaled and they were over two hours away from where I was.  I was told they were alright, but it was several hours before I could talk to them.  So I was on pins and needles.

A few days later, I bashed the side of our only vehicle against a tree as I slid off the road with my two wheel drive Florida tires expedition while rounding a narrow curve in our half mile long country driveway!  I had just talked to my father about options about how to best use my savings and special support money we received for the holidays.  Options disappeared as I started looking for a new vehicle.

And then, there are those who depend on me at home.  Their lives are directly impacted by my decisions, actions, lifestyle and circumstances.  As I survey their life, I am tempted to get angry at God.

Do you ever get there?

I want to know why so much "stuff" seems to happen; why so much is allowed to happen.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being used to make a point to others.

Then I turn around.

Every detour, for whatever reason has demonstrated His incredible sovereign hand of grace at every point.

Four kids hanging from their seat belts, windows blown out on an upside down van.  Not a scratch our nick or sore joint on anyone.  A friend's van totaled, but their graciousness to us is proof of God's grace in their life.

A warm home fully furnished fits all of our things in extra space while my family has room to play and rest through this crazy winter.  We are surrounded by peaceful forest and good friends.

My truck is smashed and unusable for the rest of the family, because the doors won't open on one side and a large gap allows cold winter air to keep me alert during my long drives; but the vehicle is totally operable and stuffing a sleeping bag in the gap allows me, on the inside to drive without noticing any difference in the vehicles performance.

And all of us are alive.

Detours are annoying and aggravating.  But they typically get us where we want to be, just in a different way.  God always knows what is going on.  Maybe part of it is discipline.  Maybe their is a larger cosmic purpose to my frustrations, but regardless - it's in His hands.   God is Good _______  ________  _____________, and all the time, ________  ____  ______________.  Amen.

With you for His glory,