What Would You Say?

When Jesus' cousin John was baptizing people down by the river and preaching about the coming Kingdom, a lot of commotion began to buzz.  John even acquired some important standing and influence.  People began to follow him as disciples.

But then Jesus showed up publicly, and John said, "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World".  Then he sent his own disciples after Jesus.  When Jesus saw them following after Him, he turned to them and asked "What is it you are seeking?"

How would you have answered that question?  How would you answer it today?  If Jesus were to tangibly visit you in your quiet time and ask you, "What are you seeking?", what would you say?

I wonder if many disciples would be ready to answer that?

There are a lot of people who call themselves disciples of Jesus Christ, but they seem to be pursuing many things outside of the interest of Jesus Christ.  They speak words in the name of Jesus and take stances in the name of Jesus that He may not truly want us to be identifying Him with.

It is difficult to balance good theology with good practical application of love and honor - especially when the secular world seems to control the conversations so often; but it is not impossible.

John said,"Look to Jesus.  Follow Him".  That didn't mean be lovey-dovey with no good theology.  Look at the 1st chapter of John and notice how much theology is involved in the calling of the first few disciples.

It also does not mean being austere and lofty in ideals with no gentility and practical whimsical love.  That leads to pointless clanging (see 1 Corinthians 13).  Notice also in the first chapter of John, that Jesus didn't give an assignment or a pop-quiz and tell others to come back with prepared answers.  He told them, "Come and see."  John, at the very outset of his gospel wanted us to see that Jesus was about relationship based on truth.

When others asked about Jesus' credentials, the answer was, "Come and see."
When they asked Jesus, He said, "Come and See."

I don't know that I would have had an answer ready yesterday, but today I am persuaded to think that my answer would be, "I want to see you and know you."  "I want others to see you and know you."

Are people seeing Jesus through all the "other stuff"?  Is HE as relevant and practical as he has been since the beginning of Creation?  Is His Word discernible through all the other dialogue and oration I bring out?  Are His ways and answers still sufficient to the world and culture I live in, or am I doctoring it up for a more "sophisticated" world?

What is our church about?  What is it like?  What is my preaching about?  What is it like?
Come and see.  I hope you meet and see the real Biblical Jesus.

With you for His glory,