July 15, 2017

A Higher Marriage Series

This month we are looking at the story of marriage in the Bible.  It may surprise many to see what God's book reveals about marriage.

For instance:  Did you know that Marriage was not a separate institution apart from the creation of man and woman?   It's very clearly there in Genesis 1, 2, and again in 6 and 9.  Think about the implications of that for a moment.  God did not create man and woman apart from the implied design of marriage.

We're learning a lot together (I hope!!) about marriage this month at Word of God Bible Church.  I have learned a lot just preparing for it.  In turn, I have had some great conversations with my Bride and we have shared some great prayer time together as well.

On another note  - did you know that the average cost of a wedding in America is $26,720.00 in 2017?
That's down from 35, 329.00 in 2016!  Wow!, I think a total of $500.00 dollars went into a very pleasant and beautiful wedding for my bride and I on January 15th 2005.

But many couples who experience trouble will not spend the time or money that amounts to an average of $800 -$1000.00 to seek hope-filled, Christ-centered counseling to restore their marriage.  Many will simply walk away.  Why?  Because God's design is broken.  And we've learned some bad things over time within that broken system.

That's what we're talking about this week in worship service.  The Brokenness of marriage.  Is that constructive?  Well, the way we're doing it is.  Please tune in to listen online at www.wordofgodbiblechurch.com/sermons or ... see you there.  

With you for His glory,