The Best We Can Hope For?

This week in worship we took a look at a couple aspects of brokenness in God's design for marriage.  For most of us, even our best is a far cry from God's intended purposes for the Image Bearing Oneness that marriage provides.

We looked at how Satan attacks us from without.  He's doing the same stuff he has been since the beginning.  We also looked at how our own sin affects us and our spouse, as well as how their sin affects us.

It provides a pretty sad picture from  a big-picture perspective.  With all the threats against marriage even from before we hit the ground running, the best any of us can do without the redeeming work of Christ in our marriage is a romantic marriage, a committed marriage, or a passionate marriage.  If you don't understand why any of those are not all there is, read Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts by Dr.'s Les & Leslie Parrot, or listen to the sermon here.

The truth is that many of us have less than truly remarkable marriages, especially considering the fact that God created it to be one of the most incredible and fulfilling experiences in life!

But Marriages can be redeemed just like individual souls can.  We don't have to settle for the best this world has to offer, because, in reality, the only true marriage (in purity of purpose and function) is one redeemed by Christ for His purposes.

Ever thought about your marriage as having a purpose for God?  Ever considered that only in that purpose being met can you experience the most fulfilling and enjoyable marriage possible?

It starts by knowing how and why He created it though.  Once we understand that, we have to understand how broken the idea of marriage is in today's world and how low the bar has been set.  Listen to our series so far and join us next week to hear about God's redeeming work in our marriages and what we should expect when we talk about Christian marriage today.  God Bless!

With you for His glory,