March 27, 2011


I have been crying "discernment" for at least three years now.  We need discerning men in the pulpits of Christ's Church.  Mars Hill is a Church where the pastor is loved by most everyone in his congregation.  He preaches love and he uses A LOT of Bible.  His elders support him in his teaching.  Does this make someone a good pastor or teacher?  More importantly, what is God's instruction for people who find themselves in this very real and more increasingly common life situation - of being under such a teacher?  Just pray and keep the peace?  Kevin answers this question at the very front of his review.  God bless you as you consider these truths.

Please set aside some time and read this excellent and God-honoring review of Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins.  The review was written by Pastor and critically acclaimed author Kevin DeYoung.

With you for His glory